#SterlingEJenkins - Fine Art Photographer

About Me & My Mission

The basics are I am a father of two beautiful children and I have my own therapeutic massage business.  My photography started as just a basic hobby but very quickly became more.   I started with a little bit of everything; nature, animals, still life, and of course portraits.  I realized that they are all fun but what I found the most interesting were people themselves.  After so many years of doing massage, I had already developed a fascination with the human body.  That became an instant connection to my photography.  Now, I can show off and highlight the things that fascinate me about the human body, specifically the differences and the imperfections.

My mission has become that of acceptance.  With very few exceptions, I use only "non-models" in my artwork.  I do that because of all the women I hear saying they aren't the right body type or they have ugly skin or shape or *insert literally any negative thought*.  I want to prove that any body type can be artistic seen through the right light and perception.  

If you've ever had the thought that you're not good enough, let me know and we'll make you into a work of art.  Have an idea for me?  Let's talk!

​Let's shoot!