#SterlingEJenkins - Fine Art Photographer

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I like to think I had three home towns at each stage of "growing up."  When I was a child, I lived in a very quaint neighborhood of Houston cut into a wooded area aptly named Sheldon Woods. 

My parents moved me to Liberty, Texas when I was nine where I spent most of my teenage years.  Liberty feels like home to me as well due to the friendships and memories of those early teenage years.  Unfortunately, I moved away when I was 16 and was unable to explore the great city of Houston on my own.  Due to this, sadly, it does not feel like home. 

Ironically though I only spent the next 6 years in the Dallas area city of Terrell, it also feels like home as I got to explore the city of Dallas a great deal.  It was at this time that I also went to massage therapy school.


Favorite Things

In 2005 I moved here to College Station.  After several jobs at Target, Kroger, and a T-Mobile Tech Support call center, I got a full time massage job at Elements Massage.  I have been a massage therapist for 15 and even have my own studio.  If you're at all in need of therapeutic relief, you can visit my massage website here - Sterling Therapeutic.

I am now married with two fantastic children.  I discovered photography as my creative outlet nearly six years ago.  I have since then realized the other p
assion photography gives me; helping people with their self esteem. I now shoot Fine Art photography as well as boudoir style.  Both photography outlets allow for me to utilize the typically understated beauty that is the female form.
  • My wife
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